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Storage compartment A under the bonnet

To access the storage compartment A, open the bonnet.

To open and close the bonnet, refer to “Bonnet” in Section 4

Vehicles not fitted with storage compartment A

Permitted load in the storage compartment: 40 kg, distributed evenly.

Vehicles not fitted with storage compartment A

Due to the presence of mechanical components:

- it is forbidden to store objects under the bonnet;

- when working on the engine compartment, ensure that you do not leave anything (cloths, tools, etc.) Otherwise, this may lead to the mechanical components being damaged or cause a fire.

Risk of damage or fire;

- When working in the engine compartment, the mechanical components may be hot. In addition, the engine cooling fan may start at any moment.

Risk of injury.

Do not press down on the bonnet: there is a risk that the bonnet may accidentally close.