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Storage compartment 1

Mobile phone storage compartment 2

Ensure that no hard, heavy or pointed objects are placed in the “open” storage compartments in such a way that they may fall onto passengers during sudden turning, braking or in the event of an accident.

Cup holders 3

This can be used for storing a mobile ashtray, cup holder, etc.

When turning corners, accelerating or braking, ensure that the receptacle being held by the cup holder is not dislodged.

There is a risk of injury if hot liquid escapes.

Storage compartment 4

(depending on the vehicle)

To open, lift the lid 5 to access the storage 4. It can accommodate a bottle of water etc.

Maximum permitted load in the storage 4: 2 kg, evenly distributed.

Whilst driving, ensure that the storage lid 4 is closed.

Risk of injury.

Storage net 6

(depending on the vehicle)

Nothing should be placed on the floor area in front of the driver as such objects may slide under the pedal during braking manoeuvres, thus obstructing its use.

There is a risk that the pedals become stuck.

Front sun visor

Lower sun visor 7.

Courtesy mirror 8

(depending on the vehicle)

The passenger sun blind is fitted with a courtesy mirror.

Do not place any heavy or hard object outside of the luggage compartment or the fittings provided.

These may pose a risk to the vehicle occupants if the driver has to brake suddenly or if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

Risk of injury.