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To set the time on the display A, with the vehicle stationary, press several times on button 4 or 5 until the settings menu is displayed. Long press on button 34 or 5.

Then press briefly the 5 button on the 2 handle until the clock is displayed.

- Briefly press the 3 button on the 1 handle to access the hour setting;

- press briefly on button 4 or 5 to adjust the hours;

- briefly press button 3 to set the minutes;

- press briefly on button 4 or 5 to adjust the minutes;

- briefly press button 3 to confirm.

To exit the clock menu, briefly press again on button 3.

If the power supply is cut (battery disconnected, supply wire cut, etc.), the clock must be reset.

We recommend that you do not adjust these settings while driving.

External temperature indicator

Special note:

When the exterior temperature is between -3 °C and +3 °C, the °C characters flash (signalling a risk of ice on the road).

External temperature indicator

As ice formation is related to climatic exposure, local air humidity and temperature, the external temperature alone is not sufficient to detect ice.